Watercraft Decontamination

EWR can provide the best quality equipment to clean and decontaminate all kinds of heavy equipment, including watercraft.

Portable Wash Racks

Portable wash racks ensure that during the decontamination process, all the washwater is filtered and recycled. Their innovative design makes them easy to set up and transport.

Portable Equipment Enclosures

However, along with your wash racks, you will need a means to transport the rest of your washing equipment. That's where our Portable Equipment Enclosures come in.

What's In an Equipment Enclosure?

Equipment Enclosures include factory installed pressure washer equipment and filtration or recycle equipment.

Quick and Easy Install

Exterior access to hoses allows for quick and easy connection.

Connects to Wash Pads

Only simple hand tools are required to connect the enclosure to the wash racks.

Exterior Controls

Remote controls, valves and pressure gauges are all located on the side of the equipment enclosure for ease of operation.

Wash Rack Ramps

Add ramps to the edge of your wash rack to quickly move equipment on and off the wash site.


While no sewer connection is necessary, discharge to a sewer or other storage is available as an option.

Complete Wash System

EWR wash systems save time and money, and are built to fit your needs!

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