Pick the Location

Most above ground wash racks do not require any permitting or construction to set up. They only need a sturdy footing to be place on.

Assembly is a Breeze

The simplistic and modular design of wash racks allow you to assemble them with relative ease. Most can be set up within a few hours.

Proper Water Disposal

True wash racks will have a gutter system pre-installed on the pad. This maximizes both water collection and disposal. Gutters can have a wide variety of attachments to assist in the solids and debris removal process.

Add More Where Needed

Modularity is the biggest benefit to wash rack systems. Add - Subtract - Reconfigure on the fly with minimal effort.

Start Washing!

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Gutter Cleaning

Hydropads are only one part of the complete system
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Water Filtration and Recycling

Hydrokleen filtration ensure both continual usage of your water
and a safe way to dispose of it
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Pressure Washers

Hot | Cold - High | Low Pressure and Volume
Each Hydroblaster is built to tackle different jobs
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Portable Equipment Enclosures

Storing pressure washer and filtration equipment
without building an extra room is the greatest benefit to using a Hydrosite
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